Oklahoma Grown and Loving our Planet

Here at Happy Haddie we know that children are the future. It is our job to love and nourish not only their bodies, but the environment in which they live. That is why all of our products are hand-picked by Haddie, mommy, and daddy at the local Farmers Market. Not only are we supporting our local economy and amazing Oklahoma farmers, but we know that Haddie and your family will be getting the freshest produce offered in our state. Since the farmers are selling their product local, it can be harvested closer to its "peak ripeness". This is when the nutritional content of the produce are at their peak. That is important to us. With baby food that is found in your local supermarket, there is no way to know how long the produce was stored or how far it had to travel before being turned in to your baby's food.


Since we also believe in keeping our planet clean and beautiful for the next generations, we use recyclable bags for our frozen foods as well as BPA free ice trays. That means you can also feel good that you are not bringing pollutants into your home. For the generations after us let's love one another, love our babies, and love our planet. 

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