Why Frozen (Homemade) Baby Food 

I have been asked many times (and it is a great question), what makes Happy Haddie different from the baby foods that are in my local grocery store? Grocery stores have a great selection of organic baby food both in jars and in pouches. In order for food to be stored in a jar or in those cute little pre-filled "on the go" pouches, they must go through a process to ensure that the food is shelf stable. In order to be shelf stable, perishable food must be treated by heat to destroy microorganisms that can cause food to spoil or cause illness. This is typically achieved at temperatures around 240 to 250 degrees F. Food, once heated to these high temperatures, can then be packaged in airtight containers. The issue with this process is that the high temperatures are believed to have a negative impact on the concentration of certain heat sensitive vitamins and minerals. Fresh baby food, on the other hand, is cooked using conventional methods that do not have such an adverse impact on the food's nutritional content. For this reason, fresh baby food must be stored cold and must be consumed in a shorter time frame than the shelf stable products you see in your local grocery store.


With the prefilled on the go pouches you find at your local market, the concerns arise about food waste and pollution to our planet. With Happy Haddie, simply feed baby at home using a bowl (no waste there), or purchase some of the fabulous on the go REUSABLE pouches they have on the market. The one that we prefer is Squooshi. You can purchase these for a very affordable price and use them over and over. No more throw away food pouches piling up in landfills and contributing to air pollution! Simply put some of your Happy Haddie food in there and go. You can place your reusable pouch in the refrigerator with the food in it to thaw or take it on the go with you.


Happy Haddie is stored and sold in 1/2oz frozen Happy Faces. The 1/2oz Happy Face allows you to make appropriate meal sizes according to baby's needs. If baby is just a bit more hungry, simply put one or two more happy faces in the microwave (or your reusable pouch) to quickly thaw and serve. This allows for minimal to no waste in your baby's food, unlike the 2.5oz and 4oz baby food jars and pouches sold at your local market.   

  Happy Haddie is great even if baby is past the puree phase. At our house, since Haddie is getting older, we still use the purees in our snacks, but we also use chunkier purees. We are happy to do any of the purees we make as a stage 2. Just let us know what you would like. We also use the purees as a yummy kick to cottage cheese or yogurt. Just melt a few of the happy faces and add for a splash of flavor. Your kids will love it! Frozen breakfast bars are also a favorite at our house! They contain yogurt, goat's milk, granola, coconut nectar and fresh berries. It is a quick and delicious breakfast for baby (as well as mommy and daddy). It is a wonderful way to stay cool in the summer as well.

Interested in something that you don't see on the menu? Just give us a call!!

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