Cherry Bomb

Cool combo of butternut squash, cherry and flax seed. Winter Squash, like butternut squash and acorn squash, is a wonderful first food for your baby. High in Vitamins and Calcium – smooth, delicious and very nutritious, these winter squashes are sure to be a hit with your baby.
Cherries are great little fruits and are packing a lot of important nutrients. Just 1 cup of raw, pitted cherries offers up 20 mg of calcium! Cherries are a super food and are super healthy and nutritious for your little one. With a wonderful color to capture baby’s attention, cherries are sure to be a hit with baby’s eyes and taste buds.
Flax has 3 essential and amazing components that make it a powerhouse of nutrition. For it’s size, Flax sure delivers! The three essential components of Flax that are wonderful for our bodies are: omega 3 oils, lignans, and fiber.
Never Been to Spain - Three Dog Night
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